How Can You Save on Your Healthcare Costs?

Hello again to all of my faithful followers!  Are you like most of us concerned with living expenses and the never-ending task of balancing your budget?  If that is you, the topic of our discussion today of controlling healthcare costs may be of interest to you.  If this topic interests you, then I invite you to follow along with me today as I pass along some information I recently read about how control your healthcare costs.

A Recent Study Data Released

I recently read an article on a study, published in The American Journal of Presentive Medicine (AJPM) that reported some interesting  and eye-opening data on healthcare costs nationwide.  What they reported  I considered to be good news for everyone especially since the publishing of this data meant that the scientific community supported it.   Sometimes that support is hard to come by!  This research was conducted by United Concordia Dental and Highmark, Inc by renown researcher Marjorie Jeffcoat, D.M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) School of Dental Medicine in an attempt to help employers and their employees save money and, ultimately, stay healthier.

The Study Itself

The research analyzed  data collected over a five year period in order to study the correlation between good oral health and good overall health.  Claim information that was provided by Highmark, Inc and United Concordia was used to evaluate over 330,000 people from 2005 to 2009.  These participants had both Highmark medical insurance and United Concordia Dental coverage as well as gum disease with at least one of the following medical conditions: type 2 diabetes, cerebral vascular disease, coronary artery disease with or without pregnancy.

The Research Findings Reported

Here are some of the interesting things found in this research.  When appropriate treatment of gum disease was provided, they found  statistically reduced annual medical costs of 40.2 percent or $2,840 annually for participants with diabetes; they found 40.9 percent or $5,681 reduced annual costs for those participants with cerebral vascular disease; 10.7 percent or $1,090 reduced annual costs for those having coronary artery disease and 73.7 percent or $2,433 reduction for those participants who became pregnant.  They also found that hospital admissions were significantly reduced 39.4 percent for those with type 2 diabetes, 21.2 percent for those with cerebral vascular disease (stroke) and 28.6 percent for those with coronary artery disease (heart)!

Your Takeway

Per Dr. Jeffcoat, “…this study shows reduced hospitalizations and health care costs are possible when individuals with gum disease and at least one chronic condition, or who are pregnant receive treatment for their gum disease….”  For you, this means that having routine dental examinations and treatment for each and every member of your family can save hundreds of dollars annually in health care costs as well as keep them healthy so they can avoid or postpone those chronic health condtions mentioned above.  So call Dr. Scharf at (631)661-6633 or visit him at  He  wants to be your Periodontist on Long Island and he wants to explain to you how he can treat gum disease with a laser instead of a scalpel.




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