Peptic Ulcers and Gum Disease: Can You See a Connection? Part 6

Greetings to our many returning readers as well as those tuning in for the first time! We’re so happy that you’re joining us again for the next segment of our current article series on peptic ulcers.  For those of you who have been following this blog, you know that we are an organization who has established a reputation for enjoying and educating our readers on a variety of dental and medical conditions, especially those conditions which apply to the overall general health of our patients and readers.  Our loyal followers also know that our Dr. David Scharf is a Periodontist on Long Island who enjoys informing not only his patients but also his blog followers, in the many health conditions which affect both our physical overall health as well as our general dental health. This article series has been dedicated to peptic ulcers, their symptoms, causes, and complications. We invite you to join us as we talk more about gum disease and peptic ulcers.


Our previous segments have discussed what peptic ulcers are, what symptoms one might experience, some of the most common causes, some of the factors which increase the risk of developing them and the complications which befall one who has peptic ulcers which remain untreated.  The next logical topic surrounding peptic ulcers is how to prevent their development and progression. Here are some suggestions for preventing ulcers in general as well as those pesky peptic ones we’ve been discussing:

Home remedies  

There are a variety of wholesome, natural ways to keep your gut more healthy, but be sure to discuss these with your medical professional to be sure they’re right for you.  Without going wild and crazy with some seemingly “off the wall” suggestions, we’ll keep it pretty simple. Here are some suggested home remedies which could help keep your digestive system more healthy, keep the bacterial balance in check and aid in the avoidance of ulcers in general:

  • Probiotics and yogurts
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits and veggies which are colorful
  • Licorice
  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Cranberry

These are just a few of the suggestions you’ll find if you search for home remedies for ulcers online. These are the most common among those we found, and accordingly, perhaps the most likely choices for you.

Protect from infections

Protecting the bacterial balance in your digestive system is very important.  It is the balancing of those good and bad bacteria which allows your body to protect itself from the ever-increasing risks of infection in the manner designed by the Creator. The most common infection is the H-pylori bacterial infection and, though science is not totally sure how it is passed from person to person, they do have some indications that it spreads not only from person to person but also from food and water.  To decrease your risks of infection, be sure to wash your hands frequently with soap and water as well as avoiding foods which have not been completely cooked.

Use pain relievers carefully

As discussed in previous segments, prescribed as well as over-the-counter pain relievers add an additional level of risk of peptic ulcer development to your regimen.  Taking your medications with a meal, avoiding alcohol and using the lowest dose possible to relieve your discomfort are some suggestions in this arena. Again, your medical professional is the best place to get your safest recommendations.

Avoiding or treating oral inflammation is another important way to prevent peptic ulcers.  Inflammation leads to many systemic health problems as well as the root cause (pun intended) for gum and periodontal disease.  Dr. Scharf wants to be your Periodontist on Long Island and, in that role, he can identify and treat gum disease in any stage in any member of your family.  Call him at (631) 661-6633.  He’ll be happy to tell you how he treats gum disease with a laser rather than a scalpel. Contact us today!

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