Emergency Dental Implants in Long Island

A broken tooth doesn't have to mean a huge disruption in your life.

  • If you break a tooth, don't panic—just call Dr. Scharf!
  • The tooth can be extracted, and a dental implant post inserted.
  • A temporary crown will be immediately placed.
  • A permanent crown that looks like your other teeth will be created.
  • No one will ever know the difference—including you!
Broken Teeth

A broken or knocked-out tooth can occur when you least expect it. Something as simple as biting down on a hard popcorn kernel can do the trick. And just like in a medical emergency, a quick response is essential in a dental emergency. But don’t panic—just call Dr. David Scharf. It is sometimes possible to reinsert the tooth—and if not, we can help you replace it with a dental implant. Dr. Scharf offers cutting edge emergency dental implants that will let you return to your routine before you know it.

Besides the fact that it is just more convenient to get your tooth replaced right away, research shows that “immediate load” dental implants can be just as successful as traditional “delayed load” implants. What’s the difference? A dental implant consists of a titanium post, which is affixed to the jawbone, plus a crown that looks and functions just like a regular tooth attached to the top of the post. With a delayed load implant, the post is left to heal for several months before receiving a permanent crown. With an immediate load implant, a temporary crown can be placed within 48 hours of inserting the post—and in the case of emergency dental implants, the crown can often be placed within one hour. Not all immediate-load implants are placed in emergency situations, but this new technology does offer a very appealing option for patients in dental emergencies. Emergency dental implants are first topped with a temporary crown rather than a permanent crown because the implant still needs a few months to stabilize and bond to existing bone. Also, in an emergency, your doctor will need time to craft a customized implant that will match the rest of your teeth.

Not everyone is a candidate for immediate load dental implants. In order to produce a good chance of success, it’s necessary that you have sufficient bone mass in the jaw and healthy remaining teeth. But if you’ve had an accident and have just one or a few broken teeth rather than a mouthful of missing teeth that need to be replaced, chances are you are a good candidate. The odds of success also increase in these situations because emergency victims haven’t had time for their bone mass to decrease or for infection to develop in the empty socket where a tooth used to be. When you wait months or years to act after breaking or losing a tooth, these risks increase, which compromises your oral health and can make it harder to place implants in the future.

When you have a dental emergency, contact us immediately. We will do everything we can to get you into the office the same day and to provide you with a beautiful, functional implant within an hour.

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