PerioLase or "Millennium Laser" in Long Island, NY

Specialized technology for LANAP laser gum treatment

Dr. David R. Scharf was the first periodontist in Long Island trained and certified in the FDA approved and patented procedure called LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). One of the keys to this revolutionary procedure is the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser from Millennium Dental Technologies.

The PerioLase and the LANAP protocol were developed by dentists who were looking for an alternative to the dreaded cut and stitch flap surgery for treating gum disease. Through years of clinical trials they perfected this system for vast improvements over the standard treatment options. LANAP is still the only FDA approved laser procedure for gum disease treatment.

How LANAP Works

LANAP entails removing infected tissue between the teeth and gums and reattaching healthy gum tissue to the tooth root. Dr. Scharf inserts the small tip of the laser into the gum pocket where periodontal disease occurs. He can then target the offending bacteria, which the PerioLase laser interacts with based on its color.

The LANAP process requires the utmost precision to target the bacteria that cause periodontal disease without damaging healthy tissue. That's why the Millennium Laser is a critical element. The advanced technology of the Millennium Laser was specifically designed for use with soft tissue and can easily eliminate gum infection. The laser cauterizes as it goes so there is little bleeding which means reduced chance of further infection and significantly shorter healing time.

This patented laser treatment allows Dr. Scharf to gently and thoroughly treat gum disease and promote new gum attachment to teeth without the traditional "cut and stitch" gum surgery that has been the hallmark of periodontists for years. The LANAP approach is revolutionizing the treatment of periodontal disease.

Millenium Laser in Long Island

Other Benefits of the Millennium Laser

Because the PerioLase laser is so gentle on soft tissue it is useful for a variety of dental treatments including cosmetic treatments, dealing with canker sores, identifying cavities early, etc. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Scharf for more information about how laser dentistry can benefit you.

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