Alloderm Gum Recession Treatment
In Long Island, NY

Keeping your gum tissue healthy will aid in preventing serious oral health issues. The gums can start to recede if they are not properly cared for, which could lead to concerns with the roots of the teeth becoming exposed. Dr. David R. Scharf provides alloderm gum recession treatment in Long Island, New York. Alloderm treatment focuses on reversing tissue loss.

What Causes Gum Recession?

It is normal to experience some type of gum disease at least once during your lifetime. In fact, it is estimated that 64..7 million Americans currently have some form of gum disease. Gum disease if left untreated will lead to infection, tooth loss, gum recession, tooth sensitivity, underlying bone loss, and more.

Some patients will receive treatments near the gums for small cavities and decay. Bonding will not stop gum recession, it simply is a short-term solution to the pain and sensitivity that occurs when the root below the gums is exposed. However, if left untreated, gum disease can start to eat away at the bone tissue, infecting it, and causing bone loss. Bone loss is serious condition that can cause your teeth to fall out and lead to dentures or dental implants.

Dr. Scharf showing a patient the symptoms of gum recession
            and how alloderm gum recession treatment is an effective way of treating it.

Alloderm gum recession treatment is another advanced treatment allowing the gums to be restored through grafting.

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Common Gum Disease Treatments

When gum disease is past the point of simple brushing and flossing, you will need to visit a specialist like Dr. Scharf to restore the gums and prevent additional periodontal disease. Advanced gum disease treatments are normally invasive and painful. Normally gum disease treatment begins with deep scaling and root planing. The scaling and root planing treatment can cause some pain and irritation as Dr. Scharf will clean below the gums surface to remove plaque and bacteria causing gum disease.

A more advanced treatment for gum disease is flap surgery. Flap surgery has been used for years as an effective treatment option. Flap surgery will require folding back of the gum tissue and removal of the infected tissue. The gums are then stitched together.

Alloderm gum recession treatment is another advanced treatment allowing the gums to be restored through grafting. Grafting will require harvesting of gum tissue from other areas of the mouth. Alloderm is designed to use donated tissue to heal and restore the gums back to their proper state.

What is Alloderm Gum Recession Treatment?

Alloderm allows the gums to be treated effectively if it becomes damaged or starts to recede. Alloderm offers a faster healing time from other gum disease treatments. Alloderm is essentially tissue grafting that does not require the harvesting of gum tissue from other areas of the mouth.

Is Alloderm Safe?

Alloderm gum tissue is processed by donated human tissue, making it easier on the dental patient to have an effective treatment with less pain and recovery time. The donated gum tissue is safe as it is required to go through a stringent screening process by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Alloderm uses human skin tissue of the dermis and epidermis. The cells contain DNA that is used to help the gums start regenerating and replacing itself. The natural framework of the cells allow for intact collagen and elastin designed to help support tissue growth.

What is the Alloderm Procedure Like?

The Alloderm treatment provides collagen that bonds with the existing organ tissue in your mouth, allowing it to grow and help to restore the lost and receded gum tissue. There are proteins in the gum tissue, which bonds together to regrow and model itself around the tooth. The gums must be healthy and strong to hold the teeth in your mouth in the right place to prevent the teeth from becoming loose and leading to serious oral health issues.

Alloderm is successful because it allows for one surgical site versus multiple sites where traditional gum surgery requires harvesting tissue from another area of your mouth. Alloderm does speed up process drastically and

What is the Alloderm Healing Process Like?

Following treatment, patients can expect to feel some tenderness, swelling, and minor discomfort. We will provide at-home treatment to keep the gums from becoming infected, and to ensure they grow together properly. Overall, patients need to avoid pulling down their lips to look at the surgical site and must be careful with the dressing material placed over the surgery site. Patients will come back in a few days for Dr. Scarf to remove the dressing material.

While the gums are healing, it is important to avoid using toothpaste and eating granular foods that could disrupt the surgical site. If you do experience infection, we will call in an antibiotic to help the gums heal. Mouth rinse is another at-home treatment we recommend using to improve the healing time and avoid infection. The graft will appear white in color until it starts to bond with the gums. Do not move or remove the gum graft as it will cause the treatment to fail.

Patients will come back in a few weeks or months for Dr. Scharf to check on the gums and ensure they are healthy and growing correctly. In most cases, healing time is completed in about two to six months. Contact our office for more information on alloderm gum recession treatment in Long Island, New York.

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