Practice Updates Regarding Coronavirus

BASED ON RECOMMENDATIONS  from the ADA and the CDC, we’re temporarily limiting our care. We recommend that all of our patients check the CDC’s website for information on the coronavirus and what we can do to slow the spread.

Temporary Changes to Our Schedule:

We are closed to seeing our routine patents. We are calling everyone with an appointment to reschedule. Patients who need to be seen for important post-op visits are being rescheduled during specific times where we can assure proper “social distancing.”. We are rescheduling existing patients and new patients 1 month in the future.

Our phones will continue to be answered during our normal hours to handle your appointment and administrative needs.

Emergency Treatment

Existing patients who have a true dental emergency should call our office at 631-661-6638 and we will address your issue as best as possible.

We Are Strong When We Work Together

Right now, one of the best ways that we as healthcare professionals can help to slow the spread of coronavirus is to follow the guidance of these health organizations, and we encourage our patients to do the same. We will be sure to update you about additional changes at our practice.