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Dr. David Scharf is a specialist in Periodontics in Long Island, NY. His practice is here to help you by focusing on the conservative treatment of gum disease and placing dental implants. We invite you to explore this site for information on dental implants, periodontal disease, Dr. Scharf, and his practice. If you are suffering from the effects of gum disease or you are in need of a solution for missing teeth, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scharf. When you visit our office, you'll receive personal attention and the most advanced periodontal care available.

Meet Dr. Scharf

Interview with Dr. David Scharf

New and returning patients! Watch this video to get to know Dr. David Scharf better as a person and a doctor.

Periodontal Treatment Long Island NY

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from gum disease? It's a common, but serious disease that can lead to tooth loss and other health problems. Thankfully, modern treatments for gum disease can reverse even severe cases. Dr. Scharf is a Board Certified Periodontist serving Long Island, NY. He offers the full spectrum of periodontal therapies and has the experience and judgment to recommend the most affective, least invasive treatments to bring his patients' gums back to full health. His expertise includes the most advanced treatments including Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation and LANAP. In fact, he was the first periodontist on Long Island to be certified in Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy and Perioscopy. These methods allow gum disease to be treated without cut and stitch gum surgery. If you believe you have symptoms or are at risk for gum disease, contact us to schedule a consultation. There's a good chance, with Dr. Scharf's help, you can avoid any further health problems due to periodontal disease.

Dental Implants Long Island

Are you missing one or more teeth due to injury or infection? Is this affecting your facial structure, your ability to speak or eat, or your self-confidence? Perhaps you are unhappy with your denture, or you've just lost a tooth and are in need of an emergency fix today. These are all scenarios where Dr. Scharf can use dental implants to provide a fully functional, permanent solution. With the most modern technology, he can often place the implants and restore a lifelike tooth in the same visit. With computer guided implants, he can often restore teeth that would have been impossible without extensive work to regenerate a patient's bone. Study our online material about options for tooth replacement, the dental implant process, and more. You can also watch Dr. Scharf’s television interview on “The Wellness Hour” discussing who is a candidate for dental implants. When you're ready to restore your smile, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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All the technology in the world does not matter one bit without a caring and concerned Doctor and Staff.

Payment Options

Dr. Scharf believes money should never prevent someone from getting the care they need. That's why he and his team will do whatever we can to help including taking responsibility to ensure your insurance covers as much as possible, accepting all major credit cards, and offering interest-free financing. Talk to our financial coordinator to discuss payment options that fit your budget. Read more about financial matters.

Meet Dr. Scharf

David Scharf became a periodontist because it was a career that would challenge him to use his gifts and skill to help people. As a student, he achieved many honors. As a doctor, he continues to seek education and to contribute to advancement of techniques that improve the quality of care for his patients. He is now a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and his research has helped advanced the technology of dental implants and other procedures. David Scharf attributes his success to lessons he learned from his parents of striving for excellence, attentive listening, and caring for people, and he hopes to pass these values on to his own three children. Read more about Dr. David Scharf, and schedule a consultation to get to know him better as your Long Island periodontist. Read more about Dr. Scharf.

Dental Technologies

Dr. Scharf's goal with each patient is to provide the best care using the least invasive means possible. He accomplishes this, not just through personal attention, but by bringing in the most advanced technology available in periodontology. This includes technology that provides better treatment results but also improves patient communication and helps us care for the environment. Here are a few of the technologies we've adopted to meet these goals.

Dr. Scharf is always looking for new technologies to improve his patients' experiences and enhance their quality of life.

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