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It has been said that in designing a beautiful smile, the teeth are the actors and the gums are the scenery on stage. They have to complement each other to look natural and beautiful. The following patients had combinations of treatments. Many of the cases involve crown lengthening and /or root coverage to restore the proper gingival proportions.

This patient was ready to make some changes in her life and one of them was fixing her smile. The gum tissue was raised in some areas and lowered in others to create harmonious relationships. New restorations on the teeth combineds with good gum tissue esthetics gave her this great smile.

This is the daughter of a dentist who came to Dr. Scharf. We treated the gingivitis, and removed excess gum tissue from between the teeth. Crowns replaced the old discolored bonded fillings.

Laser Gum Surgery

Many patients complain of having a gummy smile. This can occur from gum recession as a result of gum disease. In these scenarios, the patient’s gums begin to pull back or expand. In those cases, either too much of the tooth becomes exposed or too little. As a result, we can utilize a laser that will alter your gum line and restore it to an acceptable appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to help you become happy with your smile and teeth again. Dr. David Scharf and the team of dental professionals with him are more than capable of utilizing numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, clear braces, and more to restore your smile. We strive to provide the best dental care out there for the people of Long Island. If you wish to schedule an appointment, learn our office hours, or ask questions regarding cosmetic dentistry, you can contact us today!

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