How We Help Our Patients

I'm Dr. Scharf. My patient treatment plan is simple.

  • I listen. It's your mouth, after all—you know what's been going on and what your concerns are.
  • I examine. I need to personally look at your mouth and teeth so I can see which treatments are options for you.
  • I educate and counsel. I explain all the procedures so you understand all your options. Then YOU make the final decision.
  • I treat. After we decide on a treatment plan, I take care of your dental needs with professionalism and compassion!

I'm Dr. David Scharf. My team and I are dedicated to making your visit as productive as possible. Your time is valuable, and so is your input as regards your treatment. We strive to ensure that you never leave our office feeling as though you have received less than our complete attention.

We follow four steps to help each of our patients get exactly what he or she needs and wants from the time spent in our office. These steps include:

  1. 1. Listen
  2. 2. Examine
  3. 3. Educate and Counsel
  4. 4. Treat

Each step is designed to give you the opportunity to share your concerns with us and ask questions about your treatment, and for us to share information with you about your options. We want you to feel 100 percent confident and comfortable at each stage of the process.

Step 1: Listen

Our patients aren't simply bodies attached to a mouth full of teeth and gums. Your overall health is directly connected to your oral health, and your needs, wants, resources, and concerns are unique. To assure coordination of care, we thoroughly review your past dental and medical history and consult with your general dentist and your physicians, if appropriate, to make sure we are aware of any existing medical or dental issues.

Then I personally spend the first 20 minutes or so of your new patient appointment simply talking with you to give you an opportunity to tell me what you want to accomplish with your visit. I want to be able to give you the very best treatment possible, and your input is vital. (I often have patients express astonishment that a medical professional is actually taking the time to get to know and understand them and listen to their concerns! To me, it's just common sense and respect for you as my patient.)

Step 2: Examine

While you may have several symptoms and my office offers many different treatments, the key to success is proper diagnosis. To arrive at the proper diagnosis for you, we do several things. First, we perform a new patient examination, which involves a complete head and neck examination, an oral cancer screening, and a clinical evaluation of the gums, teeth, and bite.

Only after I physically look at your mouth will we discuss necessary radiographs. If you've already had films done elsewhere, my office will obtain them and add them to our files in order to eliminate the need for extra procedures. (Take a look at our technology section to see what additional steps we take to minimize your exposure to X-rays.)

Step 3: Educate and Counsel

After your evaluation, I will sit down with you for a complete, unhurried recap of your visit in a private setting. (You are welcome to bring a spouse, family member, or friend with you to this treatment conference.) All of your options will be presented to you, and you'll be able to ask me questions about the different modes of treatment available. You'll also be presented with plenty of written material to refer to later so you don't have to worry about committing every detail to memory.

Next, we'll discuss the pros and cons of each option as well as any other concerns, such as cost or time constraints. We'll develop a written treatment plan that provides a full schedule of all your visits and the estimated time involved for your treatment. This means you have all the information about your treatment right at your fingertips, and there will never be any surprises.

Step 4: Treat

Everyone in my office is committed to making your treatment as stress-free and comfortable as possible. I will personally make every effort to ensure that each appointment starts and ends on time and that your total number of visits is kept to a minimum. We will let you know in advance how long each visit will be and what the impact of that visit could have on the rest of your day so you can plan accordingly.

We treat many people with busy lives and careers, and we understand how important it is to keep to a planned schedule. Your time is precious to you, and we respect the fact that you have obligations outside our dental office. I encourage you to let us know if you have scheduling conflicts so we can help make keeping your appointments with us easy instead of a constant balancing act. We never want you to feel stressed when in our office.

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