Dr's Scharf's New Patient Forms: Our Goal Is To Make Your Life Easier

Few things are as stressful as having dental problems, which is why Dr. Scharf believes in making trips to his office as convenient as possible. From the moment you step through the doors of our office, you will be treated with kindness and respect. We understand that most of our patients have busy schedules, which is one of the reasons all of our new patient forms are available online.

If you are a new patient, feel free to download and prepare the New Patient Registration Form, Health History Form, read the Privacy Policy and sign the Privacy Policy Form before you come into the office for your first visit. We have them available online so you can read and fill them out according to your own schedule. Please call us if you have questions while you're working on them. Here are just a few of the benefits of filling out these forms beforehand.

Benefits of New Patient Forms

Eliminate Medical Complications

Although many people underestimate the importance of medical history paperwork, these crucial questions help you to stay safe while receiving periodontal treatment. For example, since taking certain medications in the past can put you at a higher risk of complications during dental implant surgery, having the time to fill out this paperwork beforehand gives you the chance to analyze your prescriptions at home, check with your normal family doctor, and avoid complications later.

Save Time

Before your periodontal appointment, you should be able to relax, read a magazine in our waiting room, and focus on the procedure—instead of worrying about finding insurance cards and filling out a long list of questions. One of the best things about filling out health history paperwork and privacy policies beforehand is the fact that it can save you a lot of time and energy on the day of your appointment.

Avoid Billing Errors

Our office staff works hard to make sure that your insurance claims are processed correctly, but that isn’t possible if your information isn’t filled out properly. Another big benefit to filling out new patient paperwork beforehand is the fact that it gives you the chance to find insurance cards, enter information carefully, and double check your forms—preventing billing confusion in the future.

Improves Communication

Oftentimes, patients of Dr. Scharf are referred by general dentists or other dental providers, and communication with these professionals is important. By filling out your paperwork properly and listing the name and number of your normal dentist, Dr. Scharf can communicate important follow-up instructions, considerations for future procedures, and information about your existing condition.

Let Us Get to Know You!

We love getting to know our patients, which is another reason we like it when people fill out their new patient paperwork entirely. We want to know more about you and what kinds of dental problems you are struggling with so that we can help you to enjoy a healthier, more comfortable smile.

Tips For Filling Out New Patient Forms

We want your paperwork to be as complete as possible. Check out these easy tips for improving your new patient forms.

Take Your Time!

Before you start filling out the form, read the entire paper. Oftentimes, patients try to squeeze extra information in one portion of the form when there is a dedicated spot for those comments further down on the page. Fill out new patient paperwork forms when you have time, and don’t forget to complete the second page of the paperwork.

Write Legibly

When you fill out new patient forms, focus on writing legibly so that our office can record your responses accurately. Use a blue or black pen, as scanning software doesn’t always pick up colored script.

Double Check Your Work

After you complete your forms, double check your work. Check to see if you wrote down things like insurance identification numbers properly, and consider asking a close friend or spouse to look over your papers to see if you missed anything. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot problems.

Ask Questions!

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of our new patient forms, don’t be shy to ask. You can even flag the questions you have problems with by putting a star or a check next to the inquiry so that you remember to ask in person before your appointment.

Make A Copy For Your Records

Consider making a copy of your completed forms for your own reference. That way, if there are questions about your care or insurance billing in the future, you can see what was recorded on your initial forms.

If you have any questions please contact us and we are happy to assist you in filling out your patient forms. 

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