What Can Long Island Periodontist Dr. David Scharf Do For You?

What can a periodontist do for you?

  • Use dental implants to replace broken, decayed, or missing teeth
  • Provide treatment to make your gums healthy and prevent disease
  • Restore infected and receded gums to protect your teeth and bone structure
  • Help you regrow bone to provide a stable foundation for your teeth and/or dental implants
  • Enhance your smile with nonsurgical procedures, including laser periodontal therapy

A periodontist is an expert in treating the supporting structures of your teeth including the gums and bone. Without healthy tissue around your teeth , they become vulnerable to decay, loose, and may eventually fall out. As a periodontist, I've received extra training to offer advanced treatments in the services mentioned above. Just as you would go to a general dentist to fill a cavity or get a crown, you're best off coming to a periodontist for dental implants or for treatment of infected and receding gums.

Here are some of the things my staff and I do every day to help our patients:

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Dental Implants

Missing, broken, or bad teeth shouldn't be something you have to just "live with." We can help you regain a smile you can be proud of using the following techniques:

  • If you have missing teeth, they can be replaced with dental implants. This could mean anything from a single tooth to all the teeth in your mouth.
  • In case of a bad tooth, we can extract it and graft the socket to preserve the jawbone.
  • If you have a bad or broken tooth, we can extract the tooth and immediately place a dental implant and a temporary crown.
  • In areas where there is not enough bone for dental implants, we can help you regrow bone so the needed implants can be placed. Many patients who had previously been told they did not have enough bone for implants have been delighted to find out they can benefit from our bone regeneration techniques and get the dental implants they want so desperately.
  • In case of an unstable or loose denture, dental implants can be placed to help secure them.
  • Dental implants can also be placed to permit you to get rid of your denture and have a fixed bridge instead.
  • A whole mouth full of bad teeth can be removed and implants and a temporary bridge can immediately be placed to help you avoid dentures altogether.

Hundreds of patients have been helped in our offices with the Teeth-in-an-Hour™ and All-on-4™ methods of tooth replacement. Beautiful new teeth can be placed instantly instead of waiting for weeks and weeks.

Your Gums

Our office also provides periodontal treatment for your gum and bone health, including:

  • Conservative expert treatment for early or beginning gum disease.
  • Custom prevention programs for ongoing gum health.
  • Conservative, nonsurgical gum treatment whenever possible.
  • laser periodontal therapy to treat more advanced cases without "cut and stitch" or gum flap surgery.
  • Perioscopy to treat isolated gum problems on front teeth.
  • Smile enhancement using crown lengthening to reduce a "gummy smile."
  • Smile enhancement using gum grafting to cover recession and reduce teeth that look long.
  • Ridge augmentation to correct collapsed ridges.
  • Periodontal regeneration to regrow bone around teeth lost to periodontal disease.
  • Crown lengthening to provide more space for dental restorations.
  • Laser removal of frenums or "muscle pulls."
  • Laser removal of amalgam tattoos or other dark spots on gums.

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