Unsurpassed Patient Protection

You deserve to feel safe in our office! Your protection is our priority.

  • We routinely wear gloves and masks for your protection.
  • We sterilize all instruments and disinfect each examination and treatment room between patients.
  • Our staff members are fully trained in infection control and are vaccinated against illness.
  • Even our water is specially filtered so your mouth stays extra clean!

You expect medical and dental offices to provide a safe, clean environment, yet many people feel uncomfortable asking what is done to keep them safe. Don't hesitate! Ask us how we work to keep you safe during each and every visit. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of care and protection for our dental patients, and we want you to know that we share your concern. We work diligently to provide the cleanest dental office possible, and your health is our top priority.

The following are some of the specific methods used in our office to control the spread of germs, bacteria, and diseases. These asepsis procedures are followed for each patient who enters our care. We:

  1. Scrub our hands before and after each appointment with a special antibacterial soap.
  2. Use Purell hand sanitizer between glovings.
  3. Wear disposable gloves and change them for each patient.
  4. Wear masks to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.
  5. Wear protective eyeglasses and face shields.
  6. Sterilize all instruments in the autoclave. We also autoclave (steam sterilize) all handpieces between each patient.
  7. Maintain an incubator in the office to continually monitor and assure the effectiveness of the autoclave.
  8. Use disposable products to prevent cross infections.
  9. Disinfect and/or cover chairs and other surfaces in every room before each patient enters.
  10. Dispose of biomedical waste and sharps through an approved biohazard disposal company to minimize the potential for human contact and adverse impact to the environment.
  11. Vaccinate doctors and staff members for hepatitis B.
  12. Complete infection control training for all staff members every year to stay current with the latest recommendations and advances in dental care.
  13. Employ the latest technology to filter the water we use. All our water lines have special filters that remove any bacteria from the water. The water that enters your mouth is the cleanest that current technology can offer.
  14. Follow strict instrument-cleaning protocols. These involve first mechanically cleaning all instruments of any visible debris and then sterilizing them. We have a robotic instrument cleaner that consistently and predictably removes all debris from our instruments, bringing them to a near-sterile state even before they are placed in the sterilizer.



We have two steam autoclaves to sterilize instruments.



We constantly monitor the effectiveness of our autoclaves with an incubator.

We treat our own families and children in our office, and we are proud of the lengths we go to in order to provide a safe environment for all our patients. Please feel free to ask us about any of these measures we take for your safety. We are happy and proud to discuss them with you, and we are also glad to give you a tour of our patient protection procedures.

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