Improve Your Smile

Unhappy with your smile? Dr. Scharf can help!

  • Crown lengthening can solve "gummy" smiles.
  • Gum reshaping can make gums even and hide imperfections.
  • Gingival grafting can protect tooth roots and improve appearance.

Improving Smiles with Cosmetic Crown Lengthening and Gingival Grafting

The most beautiful teeth in the world don't look so beautiful if they are not properly framed by the gums. Gums can be receded, making teeth look too long and exposed. In other cases, the gums can reach too far down on the teeth, creating a "gummy" smile. Both conditions are easily corrected.

Crown Lengthening to Correct "Gummy" or Uneven Smiles

Too much gum tissue makes the teeth look short and square. Crown lengthening is the procedure commonly employed to reduce the excess gum tissue and create a more esthetic smile. In many cases, this procedure can be done with a laser rather than a scalpel.

Here are some crown lengthening cases treated by Dr. Scharf:

Crown Lengthening and Gingival Reshaping

Gummy smile Gummy smile

This patient wanted to improve her smile. Her extended gums detracted from the appearance of her teeth, which were also irregular in appearance. Fixing only the gums or the teeth would not provide the esthetic enhancement the patient desired.

The gums were reshaped to eliminate excessive tissue and to be in harmony with the patient's lip line. The teeth received porcelain laminates and crowns to give them a more uniform appearance. This patient is no longer embarrassed to smile, and her only regret is that she didn't seek help to fix her smile years earlier!

Crown Lengthening to Improve a "Gummy Smile"

Gummy smile Gummy smile

This patient was unhappy with her smile because she showed too much gum tissue between the top of her teeth and her upper lip. The excess gingiva was not attached to the teeth, and bacteria could collect under the gum line, causing disease.

Crown lengthening was done to achieve a greater balance between the teeth, the gums, and the lip, which corrected both the health and esthetic problems.

Crown Lengthening and Gingival Reshaping

Gummy smile Gummy smile

This patient's left central incisor was scheduled to receive a new crown. However, the gum line on this tooth was not even with the adjacent tooth.

Crown lengthening and gingival reshaping were used to even out the gum line between the two front teeth, and a new crown was placed, resulting in a completely natural appearance. It is impossible to tell which is the real tooth and which is the crown!

The results are instantaneous with crown lengthening; patients walk into the dental office with their old smile and leave with their new one. Most people comment that they never realized how self-conscious they were about their gummy smile until it was not longer there and they could smile confidently without using their hands to hide their smile. The number one complaint is that they wish they had gotten their smile fixed sooner!

Gingival Grafting to Correct Receding Gum Lines

For many people with gum recession, being "long in the tooth" is not something they feel comfortable with. Gum grafts can be used to correct receding gums and restore a youthful smile. Dr. Scharf is an expert in the technique of gum, or "gingival," grafting. He has delivered lectures internationally on this topic and has performed the procedure many hundreds of times in his office on Long Island.

Here are some gingival grafting cases treated by Dr. Scharf:

Gingival Grafting for Root Coverage

Gummy Smile

This patient had gum recession, which caused the gum roots to be exposed and sensitive to cold. She hated her "fanglike" teeth and didn't like to smile because her teeth were so long. A gum tissue graft was done to cover the exposed roots, restoring the natural form and function of the gums. The patient left our office feeling great about her smile for the first time in years.

Gingival Grafting to Rejuvenate Crowns

Gummy Smile

This patient was disappointed when her gums receded after new crowns were placed. The black gum line detracted from an otherwise esthetic smile. Connective tissue grafting restored a natural-looking smile, making the patient much happier with her appearance and ensuring that her new crowns looked great!