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Many patients out there suffer from anxiety and fear when going to the dentist—even for just a simple cleaning and checkup appointment. This dental anxiety is so bad that some patients never see a dentist until they have a major dental problem which could have often been fixed earlier. However, there is a solution out there to resolve dental anxiety. The groundbreaking NuCalm system is an effective and safe method to alleviate fear all without the use of sedatives!

How Is NuCalm Different From Other Sedation Types?



If you experience fear or anxiety over receiving dental care, but don't want standard sedation, ask us about NuCalm.

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NuCalm uses your body’s natural mechanisms for relaxation. There are no controller substances or narcotics used in the NuCalm process. NuCalm is designed to help you reach the most relaxed, stress-free state of consciousness in a quick and safe manner. NuCalm puts you in a state similar to the initial stage of sleep where you’re hovering between sleep and awareness. While you are under the effects of NuCalm, you will still be able to hear and respond to the dentist, but your body and mind will be relaxed and unable to feel anxiety. Patients using NuCalm lose a sense of place, experience, and time which allows the dentist to perform the appointment smoothly.

What Are The Benefits of Using NuCalm?

Here is a short list of the incredible benefits to using NuCalm:

  • Patients are deeply relaxed throughout the entire procedure.
  • Patients are more receptive to treatment since their natural resistance is numbed.
  • Patients have dulled motor responses which minimizes risks to you, the dentist, and the staff.
  • Patients are still conscious during the procedure—so they’re able to give voice commands.
  • Patients experience a sense of relief and rejuvenation during post-treatment as your brain helps release bodily tension.
  • NuCalm is less intrusive than sedation techniques as no chemicals are used to impair your mind or nervous system.
  • NuCalm has no recovery time, impairments, or side effects.

How Does NuCalm Really Work?

The NuCalm process only takes a few methods and there are four components to it. These four components help bring your body and mind into a state of complete relaxation. The first part of the NuCalm process is dietary supplements. By taking these dietary supplements, it will signal the neurotransmitters in your own brain to transition from a state of being awake to a state of being asleep. The purpose of these neurotransmitters is to suppress your stress without any adverse side effects.

The next part of the NuCalm process involves using an electrotherapy stimulation device for your head. This helps relax your mind and assists with the potency of the NuCalm supplements. This CES technology has been cleared by the FDA and has been used for over 45 years to treat insomnia and anxiety.

The third element introduce to the process involves the use of headphones. These headphones use neuroacousting software to help regulate your brain wave frequencies. This is meant to bring your brain wave frequency to the alpha range. This alpha range is associated with perfect physical and mental relaxation. To assist with the relaxation process, classical music is paired with the sound waves.

Lastly, opaque glasses are given to the patient. These glasses are designed to block out all light and it reduces the stimulation of your visual cortex. This is crucial in maintaining your state of calmness. When you combine these four approaches together, it ultimately results in a complete state of relaxation which erases all anxiety and fear in a patient.

Try NuCalm Today!

If you experience fear or anxiety while going to the dentist, and you want to avoid the use of sedation, the NuCalm process is right for you! The NuCalm process takes all the fear and stress out of going to the dentist. As you don’t want to neglect your oral health, it is crucial that you talk to your dentist today about the NuCalm process and ensure that your oral health is taken care of in a stress free environment!

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