Dr. David Scharf Voted Best Periodontist
of Long Island for 2016!

The results are in, and our very own Dr. David Scharf has been voted the “Best Periodontist on Long Island” in the 2016 Annual Bethpage Best of Long Island competition. This isn’t the first win for Dr. Scharf, who was voted “Best Dentist” every year from 2010 to 2014. The Annual Bethpage Best of Long Island competition recently expanded their health and wellness categories, adding dental specialties such as periodontal services. This is an important distinction from the rest of the dental categories, since periodontists receive years of extra training to specialize in dental implant placement and the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. In a statement regarding his win, Dr. Scharf said:

“It’s an honor to be named Best of LI in any capacity,” says Dr. Scharf of his win. “I was thrilled to be voted the winner for Best Dentist for five years, and I’m even happier about being voted Best Periodontist in 2016. I think it helps to highlight that there are so many different specialties when it comes to dentistry, and maybe having this category helps educate people on what a periodontist is and what we do.”

The Annual Bethpage Best of Long Island Awards

Unlike other cities, which typically have similar contests where the top three or four candidates in each category are mentioned, the Annual Bethpage Best of Long Island competition only names the first place winner. The contest is simply winner takes all—with no runner up or honorable mention categories.

This year alone, 50,717 businesses were nominated and over two million votes were cast, which is part of the reason that this award is so special to Dr. Scharf. “There’s no second or third place or runner up – it’s a straight vote casting by other local professionals, businesses, and residents, and the top voted nominee is voted Best Of,” says Dr. Scharf. “That makes it very competitive, and it’s a very good feeling to know that the people in your community really do think you stand out from your peers.”

Dr. Scharf’s Keys to Success

  • A Solid Focus On Patient Care

    Dr. Scharf understands how intimidating it can be for some people to visit the dentist, especially if they are suffering from extensive dental decay or advanced periodontal disease. To make patients as comfortable as possible, Dr. Scharf focuses on providing each and every patient with the care, attention, tools, and explanations that they deserve. Unlike other dental practices, which typically leave patients with nothing but an answering machine after hours, Dr. Scharf happily gives patients access to his personal contact information. If you have a problem with one of your teeth, a question that can’t wait, or a concern about your recent procedure, Dr. Scharf wants to know about it.

  • Proven, Innovative Techniques

    In order to give his patients the best dental care possible, Dr. Scharf is also focused on continuing research and offering innovative techniques. In fact, Dr. Scharf has developed dental implant techniques that are now used by thousands of dentists across the country. He is also proud to offer services that most periodontists don’t offer, such as the pinhole surgical technique , which improves recovery time and reduces incisions.

    “I’ve been doing dental implant placement for Long Islanders since the early ‘90s,” says Dr. Scharf. “I believe I’m still the only dentist in the area who offers non-invasive Cho Pin Hole Gum Rejuvenation, and I know I’m the only one certified to teach laser gum surgical techniques or LANAP on Long Island. I’m proud to have been a pioneer in periodontics on Long Island, and intend to continue serving my local community.”

As a board certified periodontist, Dr. Scharf is proud to offer the residents of Long Island and the surrounding areas with thorough, precise, and thoughtful dental care. If you are interested in becoming a patient, contact our office today.