Instrument Management

Instrument Sterilization

Proper instrument sterilization is critical for patient protection. The first step in instrument sterilization involves removing any blood or debris from the instruments. An instrument with debris or blood on it can be run through the sterilizer and will not come out truly sterile. For this reason, instruments in many dental offices are commonly scrubbed by hand or run through an ultrasonic cleaning machine before sterilization. Both methods, while effective, are susceptible to failure due to human error.

Dr. Scharf uses the Miele Dental Disinfector to completely automate the process of instrument disinfection and eliminate human error in the sterilization chain. Instruments are placed in cassettes after use to protect staff members from accidental cuts, and then the cassettes are run through the dental disinfector. At the end of the cycle, the instruments are completely free of debris and nearly sterile. They are then placed in the autoclave for final sterilization.