Why Choose Long Island Periodontist Dr. David Scharf?

Dental Implant Specialist Dr. Scharf

There are many reasons to choose Dr. Scharf! He is:

  • A Board Certified Periodontist (Only 1 in 3 periodontists achieve this).
  • Certified LANAP laser procedure instructor.
  • Respected speaker, teacher, and researcher
  • Developed dental implant techniques now used by thousands of dentists worldwide.
  • A kind and compassionate dental care provider who takes the time to listen to his patients.

Dear Potential Patient,

Do you care about how you are treated when you visit the dentist?

Sadly, for many people, the answer is no. Dental patients routinely endure rude staff, long waits, minimal explanations, and poor service—visit after visit after visit. For many, the thought of trying to switch to a new dentist seems overwhelming—and there's no guarantee it will be any different if they do.

At my office, YOU come first—your comfort, your education, your choices. My staff and I will always treat you as a valued patient and will never dismiss your feelings, anxieties, or questions. We are here to provide the very best possible care for you, and that means listening to you with compassion and respect, and coming up with a treatment plan that fits your needs and your budget.

If you like, you can take a few minutes to browse this site and learn about my education, my board certification, the countries I have lectured in, the articles I have published, and how many years I have been both practicing as a periodontist and teaching other expert dentists how to do dental implants. You can also read about the dental technology we use to enhance your treatment and learn for yourself what dental implants are and how they work. I have pursued technical excellence during my entire career and have received professional recognition from my colleagues, and all of this is important—but what makes my practice a special and intimate place is the way we treat our patients.

I was named "Best Periodontist of Long Island" by the Long Island Press for four years in a row—2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. While my technical abilities were necessary for this award, I believe the reason I won was because of the way patients feel about the attention and care they receive here. We treat our patients right, and this turns them into fans of our practice!

It all starts with our team. When I hire new team members, I look for the right personality first. How they interact with my patients is the top priority, as I can always teach them the skills they may be lacking. You can teach people a skill, but you can't teach them to be cheerful, helpful, and accommodating if that is not their nature.

Once the right people are on board, I give them a simple instruction that will guide their every action in my office. I tell my staff to "treat our patients as you would treat a guest in your home." A guest in someone's home is greeted with a smile and a warm hello, not a clipboard with instructions to "sign in and sit down." A guest is given a tour of your home, not left to wander alone. A guest is treated with kindness, and his or her comfort comes first. The people we accept as patients in our practice are always treated as I would treat guests in my own home.

Our attention to your needs begins with your first call to our office. When the office is not staffed, we forward the office phone to a cell phone that is carried home with us after hours. This allows us to help you by phone when it's convenient for your schedule. There are times when we are sleeping or simply can't answer the phone. For those times, we have chosen voice mail as opposed to an answering service so we can hear your concern in your own words rather than an interpretation of your needs by a third party. We will call you back and address your needs within a very short time.

When you call the office during business hours, the phone is answered by a knowledgeable team member. If the person who answers the phone can't address your specific needs, she will relay the reason for your call and the particulars you gave her to the person who can help you. When you are transferred, the party taking your call will have been briefed with the information you supplied to the person who answered the phone so you don't have to repeat yourself.

We send our new patients a welcome packet in the mail. This packet contains your medical history and patient registration forms. We will transcribe any information you gave us over the phone for you in order to save you time. You can also download the forms directly from this website if you wish.

By completing your health history at home, you will have access to necessary information about your medications and any dental benefit information, and you can complete the form at your convenience. When you arrive for your appointment, simply hand our staff member the completed forms, and you will be seen promptly upon your arrival. If you have any questions while filling out the forms, feel free to call and one of my staff members will be happy to help you!

Visits to our office are guaranteed to be focused on your comfort.

We keep my office spotlessly clean at all times. Our reception area is stocked with fresh coffee, teas, bottled water, and all sorts of cold beverages. Our patient restroom is stocked with some of life's little comforts, including fancy soaps and lotions, mouthwash, and toothbrushes. Many patients arrive early for their appointments or even stop in just to relax, refresh, and unwind!

Treatment rooms are bright, airy, and uncluttered, with large picture windows and televisions in the ceiling. We use plenty of topical anesthetic to make sure you are adequately numb before we start treatment. Nitrous oxide, Nu-Calm, oral sedation, and IV sedation are available. To assure your comfort after a visit, we give you Motrin and/or Tylenol to take when we start your treatment. This way, when the "novocaine" wears off, you are comfortable. We will also readily prescribe medications for your comfort.

As a patient in my practice, you will enjoy special privileges. You will have my private contact information. You will not have to worry about getting in touch with me if you need me. You will not get an answering service or have to type your phone number in to have me paged. You will not be directed to another dentist to manage your concern (unless I'm out of the country lecturing). You will just call me directly, and I will answer the phone. Patients in good standing with our office who call with a dental emergency are asked, "How soon can you get to our office?" and their care is assured. You will never have to worry about being able to reach me after hours or in an emergency.

As a member of our practice, we will shower you with a million little niceties. Vanilla ice cream is very soothing after a procedure, so we keep it on hand to send home with you. We also supply our patients with cold packs, hot packs, gauze, easy-to-understand written instructions, and anything else you need for a quick recovery. We'll call in your prescriptions and even offer to pick them up for you. Some our seasonal niceties include heated massage chair pads, warm neck pillows, and hand warmers so you can snuggle in and relax.

I personally call every patient after surgery to check in.

I also call most new patients before their first appointment and before a procedure just to check in and see if they have any questions. Sometimes my staff will do this for me. My staff will communicate with you in the methods you prefer. Some people want a phone call, some an email, still others a text message. Tell us you preference and we will accommodate you.

We work very hard to respect your time. Each patient is scheduled for his or her own appointment (we do not "double book"), and we allocate the appropriate amount of time for the appointment that is planned. Of all the things we do right, patients seem to comment the most about the fact that we see them on time. Of course, sometimes things beyond our control can tamper with our schedule. Sometimes a patient will come late for an appointment, or a patient needs extra time if he or she has additional questions or an unexpected issue needs to be addressed that was not part of the original appointment. We do our best to manage unexpected emergencies and not run late, but sometimes it is impossible to accomplish both.

When we see that we are behind schedule, we will do a couple of things. First, for patients who are in the office, we will come directly to you and give you our best estimate of when you will be seen. This means you will never sit in our office for hours wondering what went wrong. Second, if you are not in the office yet, we will call you to let you know there may be a wait and give you the option of rescheduling or coming a little later so as to minimize your wait. This does not happen often, but when it does, our patients appreciate that we give them this choice.

We give each patient the time he or she needs and wants. Visits are not a rushed whirlwind. We set aside time to explain what is being done and to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed. This creates an experience that is comfortable and "just feels right." Our patients are intelligent, discerning people, and we care deeply about the experience they have in our office.

My guarantee.

You must be 100 percent satisfied with your experience in my office. If you are not, please tell me how we could have done better, and we will address the issue. Don't just take my word for it. Visit the patient letters section of this website to see copies of the thank-you notes that patients have written me over the years. When was the last time you were so inspired by an experience in a doctor's office that you sent a thank-you note?

The only way to prove the value of my office is to try it yourself. Right now, I am inviting you to call my office at (631) 604-4425 to schedule an appointment. Enjoy both technical excellence and an exceptional experience. Allow yourself to be treated the way you deserve to be treated. You are the patient, and YOU should come first. In my office, you always will be—I promise.


David Scharf, DMD

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