Antioxidant Oral Care

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PerioSciences has developed the market's first oral care line of products based on the power of antioxidents.

The family of AO Pro products utilize novel combinations of specific antioxidants to create the optimum oral care system:

AO ProVantage Gel

AO ProVantage Gel is an innovative product that uses the power of patent-pending antioxidants in combination with traditional oral hygiene ingredients to increase cleaning potential.

The active ingredients are phloretin and ferulic acid. Phloretin is a polyphenol derived from apples that has powerful free-radical-scavenging capabilities, mimicking the effects of a whole-food-rich, plant-based diet. Evidence suggests that it is also able to inactivate several damaging enzymes that operate in the mouth, improving patients’ resistance to gum disease and tooth decay by physically absorbing them into oral tissues.

Ferulic acid is the other key antioxidant in the product - a compound that seeds and leaves use to protect themselves against the sun. Common food sources include oats, rice, and wheat. Chemically, ferulic acid looks similar to curcumin - the potent antioxidant found in the spice turmeric - which contributes to lower levels of inflammation in the mouth.

AO ProRinse - White Care

AO ProRinse - White Care - is an oral rinse that helps to soothe the mouth and rebuff it against infection following whitening procedures. It features multiple antioxidant compounds, breath fresheners, and special ingredients that help whitening treatments last longer.

The formulation contains phloretin and ferulic acid, which fight inflammation, plus hesperetin, a flavonoid polyphenol abundant in citrus fruits and juices. Research indicates that hesperetin has potent free radical- and peroxynitrite-scavenging abilities, providing tissues in the mouth defense against disease and decay.

AO ProRinse - White Care -  also includes a host of other ingredients that contribute positively to oral health and enhance the results of whitening.

Perilla ocymoides extract, for instance, contain polyphenols such as apigenin and luteolin that have superoxide scavenging abilities and exert powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It also appears highly effective for inhibiting certain cancer-causing bacteria.

AO ProRinse - White Care - also contains grapefruit seed extract from grapefruit’s connective matrix. A constituent of this material, called naringenin, has been shown by research to be a potent antifungal and antibacterial, as well as an anti-inflammatory. It also helps to raise the alkalinity of the mouth, inhibiting the growth of destructive bacteria.

AO ProRinse - Hydrating

AO ProRinse is a mouthwash designed to fully hydrate the oral cavity and provide long-term freshness. It contains a unique formulation to support a healthy oral microbiome, preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

AO ProRinse - Hydrating - is particularly helpful for patients with dry mouth (xerostomia). It contains a unique mix of botanicals and natural moisturizers which help to eliminate conditions that can foster bacterial buildup and bad breath.

Critical ingredients include phloretin and ferulic acid - both powerful antioxidants - and silymarin, the active ingredient of the milk thistle plant. Silymarin is an antioxidant in its own right, but it also encourages the body’s production of more powerful endogenous antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase, bolstering our defenses from within.

AO ProRinse - Hydrating - also contains Spilanthes acmella extract - a flowering plant native to Brazil. Traditionally, healers used the plant for oral discomfort and dry mouth. Now it is available in high-potency extract form.

This product features natural bad breath neutralizers too. AO includes zinc lactate and zinc gluconate in the formulation which inhibits the growth of undesirable species.

AO ProRinse - Sensitive

AO ProRinse - Sensitive - provides a gentle way for patients with sensitive teeth to maintain oral health. It uses a blend of dedicated botanical extracts and antioxidants to soothe gums and protect salivary glands, fighting against dry mouth.

It contains both phloretin and ferulic acid, as well as a host of supporting ingredients, such as allantoin known for being an anti-irritant, and witch hazel to support the production of oral mucosa. It is ideal for patients following periodontal disease treatment.

AO ProRinse - Natural

AO ProRinse - Natural - is a gentle and alcohol-free mouth rinse that uses a combination of antioxidants to reduce odor-producing compounds in the mouth. It contains ferulic acid, phloretin, and potent green tea catechins which fight sulfur compounds, leaving the mouth fresh. Supporting ingredients include green coconut water which contains beneficial cytokines, and aloe barbadensis leaf, which contains both amino acids and lignans.

AO ProToothpaste - White Care

AO ProToothpaste provides effective cleaning action while ensuring that your teeth are as white as they can be, without in-office interventions. The antioxidant-rich formulation borrows from the natural healing power of apples and citrus to extend the effects of whitening treatments. It is ideal for use in the weeks and months that follow bleach-based whitening treatments.

Plasdone is one of the toothpaste’s most potent ingredients. This polymer removes red wine, tea, and coffee stains from the surface enamel, leaving teeth looking pearly white.

AO ProToothpaste - Hydrating

AO ProToothpaste - Hydrating - leaves teeth sparkling clean while providing you with a hydrated feeling at the same time. The toothpaste features both phloretin and ferulic acid, each of which works synergistically.

The hydrating effect of AO ProToothpaste - Hydrating - comes from the botanicals it contains. Echinacea purpurea, for instance, is a well-known inducer of saliva production. The product also contains sodium hyaluronate, a powerful water-retaining compound able to increase moisture and lubrication in the mouth.

AO ProToothpaste - Sensitive

If you have sensitive teeth, then AO ProToothpaste - Sensitive could be the ideal product for you. It contains a blend of ingredients that both protect your oral health while fighting sensitivity at the same time.

Like other products in the AO ProToothpaste range, it contains powerful antioxidants including silymarin, phloretin, and ferulic acid. But it also offers other compounds designed to buffer the teeth against sensitivity. Its hydroxyapatite, for instance, is a mild abrasive that’s been shown to reduce tooth sensitivity following whitening.

AO ProToothpaste - Natural

AO ProToothpaste - Natural - provides you with all the cleaning power of a professional toothpaste, but without the harsh chemicals. It gently removes stains and uses synergistic plant-sourced ingredients, like green tea extract, to freshen breath.

Key ingredients include menthol peppermint oil to freshen breath, perilla ocymoides extract to scavenge superoxides and chamomile which imparts a soothing effect to oral tissues.

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