Virtual Dental Implant Planning in Long Island

Dental 3d scanner and monitor in the dentist's office

When it comes to replacing missing or broken teeth, there’s little debate in the dental world that dental implants are the best all-around option. They’re incredibly sturdy, require almost no special maintenance, and will last as long as a person is willing to take care of them. Contrast that with the high maintenance, cost, and irritations of dentures, and it’s no wonder so many dentists and patients are opting for implants.

Thanks to technological advances, dental implants are now even easier – and far better – than ever before. It’s now possible for your Long Island periodontist to plan your entire implant surgery before you even arrive for your procedure. This technique is known as virtual dental implant planning, and it increases the success rate of dental implants as well as reducing the time you spend in the chair. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants in the Long Island area, you should look for a periodontist who uses virtual dental implant planning. Dr. Scharf uses Simplant, the top-rated dental implant planning software in the world, to allow for minimally invasive surgery and ideal implant placement.

What is virtual dental implant planning?

The virtual dental implant planning process starts with your periodontist taking a three-dimensional image of your mouth. This image is then used for the following things:

  • To evaluate the size and shape of your jawbone
  • To evaluate the thickness of your gums
  • To determine the position of the other teeth in your mouth, especially those next to the implant site
  • To judge the health of your teeth and gums

Gathering all this information is paramount in a successful implant procedure. Without knowing if your jawbone is thick enough to handle an implant, its shape, health, and how the rest of your teeth fit into your gums and jaw, your implant won’t fit as well as it could. After the three-dimensional digital model of your teeth is constructed, your dentist will then place a virtual model of the implant in the model of your mouth. This allows your periodontist to see all the parts of your jaw in incredibly high detail, meaning that he’ll be able to place an implant in the best possible spot without damaging your jawbone, gums, or surrounding teeth.

Virtual dental implant planning is a great tool for periodontists because it allows for the most precise implant placement possible. Without this procedure, we’d likely see a lot more failed implants, due simply to the complexity of the jawbone and how different one mouth is from another. This procedure eliminates all the guesswork, and most importantly, reduces the time you spend at your Long Island periodontist’s office for any sort of preparatory surgery.

Sometimes, implants will require bone grafts or reshaping of nearby teeth in order to ensure a proper fit. This obviously isn’t in the best interests of your remaining teeth. With virtual dental implant planning, you have the best chance of the least invasive treatment plan possible. Our 3D model of your mouth allows us to explore all possibilities without even having you in the chair.

If you have a missing tooth, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scharf today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fixing your smile.

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