Why Go To A Periodontist For Your Dental Implants?

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There are many dentists today who offer dental implants. In many cases, they offer what may look like a bargain for these services. But know that with your health, you typically get what you pay for. A Periodontist, like Dr. Scharf, is an expert in the structures that support a tooth – the same structures that will support your dental implant. That makes them especially qualified to provide dental implants that are placed correctly and ensure that they are integrating with the bone as they should be. Here are a few reasons you ought to consider coming to Dr. Scharf for your dental implants.

Periodontists Know The Tissues That Support Your Teeth

A periodontist is a specialist in the gums and bones that surround your teeth. These are also the structures that will support your implants. This expertise comes in handy especially if you require tissue regeneration or treatment for gum disease before implants can be placed. Typically a general dentist will have to refer you to a periodontist anyway if this is the case.

Dental implants Are One of The Main Procedures Periodontists Offer

Periodontists like Dr. Scharf are required to complete extra schooling that includes dental implantology as part of their coursework. This is a primary area of study for them, not something they learn as a supplementary service later in their careers. They also tend to keep their skills sharp by performing this procedure on a more regular basis than dentists who offer a wide range of general dentistry services. Because of this, periodontists understand that thorough planning is essential for successful implants. This includes proper diagnosis, 3D imaging to assess the quality and quantity of the bone, and a complete treatment plan covering the entire process from beginning to end.

Periodontists Are Qualified To Deal With Problems As They Occur

While you won’t have to worry about cavities in your dental implants, they are subject to many of the same threats your natural teeth are. Implants can fail as a result of poor placement and infection of the surrounding tissue. Many periodontists have the equipment and expertise to save your implant when others cannot. LAPIP is a procedure that utilizes soft tissue laser to target infected tissue around the implant and allows your bone to repair itself and reintegrate with the implant.

Come Meet Dr. Scharf

Dr. David Scharf is a board-certified periodontist who provides dental implants in Long Island. He has performed the procedure for hundreds of patients and has been active in their development over the years. Dr. Scharf is always happy to sit down with you to explain the process and let you know what to expect during the dental implant procedure. The first step is to schedule a consultation so Dr. Scharf can examine your mouth to identify your needs and determine the best approach. contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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